Ky BOM Peek

Ky BOM Peek

Preparing for the Hurricane....

August 11, 2014

This week was...different. We did a lot of service this week in preparation for the hurricanes for members and non-members alike. So last Monday was boring because the mission pres had us prepare for the storms, which was a bummer because we were going to go fishing. Oh well! So we boarded up things and put tape on windows at member's homes and our pad during the day. I am pretty sure that I have the best 72 hour kit in the whole mission cause it was provided almost entirely by members. It is one of those army backpacks, not like a rucksack, but still pretty big and it is filled with ?packets? of emergency water (the only way I can describe them is that they are big 1'x1/2' ketchup packets that are filled with purified water, but it fells like they are more of a gel. It's just a big old mystery), it also has like 5 MRE's, which are the things that they give to soldiers when they are going to be in a battle for days. MRE's are the coolest things! We opened one at the members and they cook themselves when you open them! Anywho, we are ultra prepared for anything. This one member gave us a field first-aid kit,which is what they give to the medics for battle, and a flash bang! I don't know if he is allowed to have that or not but we declined to take the flash bang. Oh I should probably explain why I am getting so much military stuff. So my area is right next to Pearl Harbor and like 50% of my ward works for the military and they can just buy these things at the base (well maybe not the flash bang).

So a lot of our investigators just left this week...they didn't want anything to do with approaching hurricanes (or they just needed a reason for a vacation :P) so we did a lot of finding Monday-Wednesday with almost no results. It was just one unanswered door after the next, I guess everyone else had the same idea as my investigators, which is understandable because my area is right on the coast and only protected by like 2 feet of rocks.

Thursday was tiring though. As we were getting ready for the day at like 9am (at this point the first storm was getting a lot stronger then they thought it was going to be) our bishop called and was like "Soooo...a lot of our ward is unprepared for the storm  so we are going to need some help getting them to the stake center or somewhere safe" We were like "Shoots! We didn't have any set lessons today anyway". So all day we just helped people get to a safer place all day. Oh also during morning basketball I got a black eye.

So on Friday we had to stay in my pad all day because the mission president had us. Why? because the storm hit on Friday and it was so....LAME!!! It just rained a ton and was kind of windy, but they still had us stay in our pad. It was sooooo boring, but we did have the rest of our district and some others in my pad in case of flooding, because it is the only pad in the zone that is on the second story.

Saturday was uneventful also except that we had a lesson with C & A. It was ok. We will see how that ends up. That day our ZL calls us up and is like "Hey there is a sister in the Tongan ward that needs a musical number for her farewell." Guess who got to do it? The Wiapahu Zone!!! We practiced it.

So Sunday rolls around and we sang the song we practiced.  The song is Oh Lord my Redeemer by Toa, super cool song. All the members said they loved it but they may have just have been being nice to us because we are missionaries...Going to a Tongan ward was cool because they all were speaking Tongan but then they would just switch randomly to English, and they are all super swaggin' singers. The hymns almost brought a tear to my eye.


Elder Reinhold

***We got an email from the Mission Secretary telling us their emergency plan and how prepared they are.  As a Mormon, I didn't have to worry about under-preparation.  It is against our religion. :)  Incidentally, they reported that the worst thing that happened was temporary boredom as they were waiting things out in their locations.

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