Ky BOM Peek

Ky BOM Peek

New Companion and Trainer...

August 4, 2014


So today is my 2 month mark. It seems like yesterday I walked into the MTC but now 1/12 of my mission is gone! What?!? That's crazy!

So this week was transfers and I got a new trainer. His name is Elder H--. He is from Mesa, Arizona. He seems like a cool guy. In my district now 50% of the missionaries are currently being trained (including me).

Really not that much went on this week besides transfers, just a lot of final visits for Elder P-- and a lot of introduction visits for Elder H--. this week we don't have that many lessons lined up so you know what that means....TRACTING HOORAY (Not really though) 

So this week I have been having lot of people who assume that faith can't really have a physical impact on their lives.  Well just look at Moses 7:13 .

Elder Reinhold

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