Ky BOM Peek

Ky BOM Peek

Missionaries Leave, Blue Angels Arrive....

Trio and Temple...

Service and Swells....

September 15, 2014

Not really much to say this week, I have done service almost everyday. Most of the service is for our investigator B--. Her dad is moving back into where she lives, which use to be his house before he went to an assisted living home, so basically a ton of responsibility has been given to her and she only has one leg so she can't really do everything that she has to. We have been moving a bunch of boxes and furniture for her because her father wants to be able to fit everything that he is bringing back. She is super thankful all the time and is asking "How do I donate to the mission?" but we tell her that we do this for free. She really wants to have more lessons with us and is just trying to get her dad settled.

We had a surprising amount of lessons this week that we actually had a solid time for us to come over, normally we don't have any. But there was a big Southwest swell this week so the waves have been good all weeks which means that all but one of our lesson fell through because everyone was surfing. The surfers would say that my week was "blown out."

No lesson with J-- this week either because he had a doctors appointment on Sunday, which is like the only time that he can meet with us. Last lesson that we had with him we challenged him to write down any and all questions that he had about not just The LDS Church but also about God or Christianity. He told us that he has had questions since basically birth that he hasn't had answered so our next lesson will be interesting. Definitely bringing along the Ward Mission Leader as he knows the gospel backwards, sideways, and blindfolded.

Also last Sunday D-- C-- gave a talk in sacrament meeting, just a recap on D--, he is a 23 year old guy with some mental challenges who's whole life revolves around Elvis Presley, WWE, and Jesus Christ. Now back to the story, so D-- has asked the bishop every week since he got baptized if he could give a talk and this week he was able to but not without the help of the missionaries because David can't read or write. So guess who he picked to be up there with him on Sunday and whisper the talk into his ear? Elder Hineman! The one Elder of the four of us who's name he doesn't even know, he just calls him "the Missionary". Anywho, he gave a great talk.

Until next week,
Elder Reinhold

More Steps Forward than Back....

September 8,2014


So today is Elder Hineman's birthday! He is turning 21.  It is crazy because he only has six months left! This week we have also have Elder Hill's and Elder Kichiro's Birthday.

Elder Hineman and I trying to pull off
the "sitcom advertisement" pose.
Before I talk about my investigators and stuff I am going to tell you about the SICK hike that I went on today. It is the only hike in our zone and it leads to a waterfall. I was so sweaty by the time we got back that my whole shirt was soaked, that's because the hike is 75% uphill, 20% downhill, and 5% flat (and yes that math is possible) and also when is was a slope it was a 50 degree slope but it was still super fun!

My zone except Hill, Kichiro, Bergstrum (Yes, from Alta), and Lavae.
This week we have made steps forward and steps backwards with the work, but luckily we have made more steps forward then back. B-- said she wants to be baptized! We don't know if she can at the next date because her leg is having problems healing fully so we will have to see. We also got an actual lesson in with J-- where we was focused the whole time. I could tell that he is super interested, by the end of the lesson he was sitting on the edge of his seat listening to us. This lesson was different because we had a member with us. All you people at home, you should go with the missionaries to lessons you will be a huge help.

Ok I got to go. All you members of the church who will read this should read Mosiah chapter 18, it talks all about what you covenanted to when you were baptized.

From the Ewa Beach Public Library in Hawaii, 
Elder Reinhold

Staying in Ewa Beach and Finding Folks....

Zone Conference....

Teaching, Singing and Recovering....

The Filipino Magic.  Yes there is a human in there.

August 18, 2014

Aloha my mainland peeps! (except Curtis),

This week has been full of weird stuff. First let me tell you about V-- a man who can only speak Hawaiian Pidgin, all I can do is just nod my head and say "yeah". He is all like "OOOO luke iz da tags!" which means "OOOO look it's the missionaries". I don't even...

Also this week my whole district and the ZLs have been fighting off this sickness that has been going around, honestly we don't even know what it is but we know that it stinks to get it. We had to pull out the every medical tool that our 19-20 year old minds had to fight it. In the end we had to retreat to some "Filipino Magic" (as our Filipino ZL calls it) basically you get a big pot and line the inside with Vicks then you fill it with water and bring it to a boil. Then you take that and put it at the feet of the sick person (who is sitting in a chair) then you pile blanket after blanket on top of them and they sweat it out. If I had to describe what it is like I would call it "A one way ticket to an asylum if you are in there for more then 10 minutes".

We had a bummer this week. so we found this guy (J--) while tracting and we set up a lesson for Sunday and we went to his house and no one was there. We are going to stop by again this Sunday. 

R-- has basically dropped of the face of the planet, we went to his house to try and set up a lesson time with him and when we asked "Do you know where R-- is?" We were told, "No one knows where Reno is! I only see him for 30 seconds in the morning and 30 seconds at night!"

So my district (and some of the ?Marshalles? Elders) got an assignment dropped on us on Friday that we need to do some sort of entertainment for this big ward dinner thing that was being held because yesterday was ward conference. The ward conference was on mission has a motto that some elders put to music a few years ago and we listen to it in the car so we are like "Lets sing that!" so that is what we did. There is a video floating around somewhere of us singing it but I still need to find it.

Lessons with some other investigators are...interesting. The wife has grown more and more oppositional to what we are sharing, the husband is on the edge of his seat every time we are over there and is listening to everything we say, but he won't pray about it. Prayer is so important to understanding the will of God. I think that he is scared to get a confirmation because he knows that he won't be able to deny it. Oh well, only time will tell.

Last night we had this great conference with all the missionaries on O'ahu in Laie, and the person who spoke was Vai Sikahema he is super funny and spiritual and has a load of stories. Also not the mention that afterwards was a big get together where I got to see Elders Schnell, Birch, and Nagtuvi. who were all in my district in the MTC!

Anywho I got to go.

Elder Reinhold