Ky BOM Peek

Ky BOM Peek

A Baptism! Temple Visit and Other Good News and Things....

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July 28,2014

This week has been super busy and really inconsistent. First Elder Peterson got sick on Tuesday so I basically did nothing,which was super lame!

On Wednesday we had our first lesson with T--. Her situation is interesting. She is very firm in her faith and is willing to listen to everything that we have to say but she has, what she describes as "a wall" as to why the Book of Mormon exists like what is it's purpose. So we will figure out that whole thing tomorrow when we go back. For her we do have this awesome couple as fellowshippers, The K--'s, They are musicians and they both have super awesome testimonies!

Waipahu.  My whole zone at the temple.
Thursday we got to go to the temple. We get to go four times a year (If you are on one of the two islands that has a temple.) When we got back we got to teach J-- a lesson. That was the first time that he has actually let us in, usually we just talk at the door. It was a big Q&A session because he wants to clarify somethings that he has heard about us before he will investigate the church officially.

Friday we didn't get a whole lot of missionary work done but we got a ton of stuff done. We had to take our car to the body shop, and we went on a hike with the same less-active person as the other hike, and guess what he was at church last Sunday! Heck yeah! The hike was super sick! It was a hike up to some old WW2 pillboxes that would look out over the ocean and watch for planes. 

Elder Kichero and I.

Elder Gleave and I.
Also found out that day that my comp is getting transferred. So I get to have two trainers on my mission. We also did a finding activity at the park. Every night at the park there is like 50 people that play basketball so instead of trying to bug people on Friday night and get shut down every time, my district went and played basketball with our tags on. And ya know what our district got two new investigators that night!

So on Saturday morning J-- got baptized! It was a re-baptism but it still counts! And it is official! I am staying in Ewa Beach for the next transfer (big surprise) but the next transfer is only 4 weeks for some reason.

So Elder Gleave, Peterson, and Morgan are leaving our district, and two of the new guys are going to be fresh off the plane.

Eating balut....
Part of the experience, is the cultural experience.

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