Ky BOM Peek

Ky BOM Peek

Service and Swells....

September 15, 2014

Not really much to say this week, I have done service almost everyday. Most of the service is for our investigator B--. Her dad is moving back into where she lives, which use to be his house before he went to an assisted living home, so basically a ton of responsibility has been given to her and she only has one leg so she can't really do everything that she has to. We have been moving a bunch of boxes and furniture for her because her father wants to be able to fit everything that he is bringing back. She is super thankful all the time and is asking "How do I donate to the mission?" but we tell her that we do this for free. She really wants to have more lessons with us and is just trying to get her dad settled.

We had a surprising amount of lessons this week that we actually had a solid time for us to come over, normally we don't have any. But there was a big Southwest swell this week so the waves have been good all weeks which means that all but one of our lesson fell through because everyone was surfing. The surfers would say that my week was "blown out."

No lesson with J-- this week either because he had a doctors appointment on Sunday, which is like the only time that he can meet with us. Last lesson that we had with him we challenged him to write down any and all questions that he had about not just The LDS Church but also about God or Christianity. He told us that he has had questions since basically birth that he hasn't had answered so our next lesson will be interesting. Definitely bringing along the Ward Mission Leader as he knows the gospel backwards, sideways, and blindfolded.

Also last Sunday D-- C-- gave a talk in sacrament meeting, just a recap on D--, he is a 23 year old guy with some mental challenges who's whole life revolves around Elvis Presley, WWE, and Jesus Christ. Now back to the story, so D-- has asked the bishop every week since he got baptized if he could give a talk and this week he was able to but not without the help of the missionaries because David can't read or write. So guess who he picked to be up there with him on Sunday and whisper the talk into his ear? Elder Hineman! The one Elder of the four of us who's name he doesn't even know, he just calls him "the Missionary". Anywho, he gave a great talk.

Until next week,
Elder Reinhold

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