Ky BOM Peek

Ky BOM Peek

Lots of Tracting!

June 7, 2014

Well this week was not easy. I didn't teach a single lesson and I didn't get any new investigators. Also my camera is broken.
This email isn't going to be as long as the others.
So this week has been pretty much the same everyday except for a few times. It has mostly been just tracting and finding, but I did get to drop off a missionary (Elder Humphreys) at the airport because the mission president was busy all day. It was an interesting experience sending a missionary home when I have only been out a month.
On the 4th of July we had a "P-Day" after 5pm because in the past there has been an unusual amount of freak accidents involving missionaries on the 4th of July, and our mission president doesn't want us trying to teach during a holiday.  Apparently we get a ton of space concerning holidays. Like on Halloween we spend all night in the stake center and we play games and I have heard rumors that on Christmas instead of teaching and annoying people that day (cause they are with their families) we get to have an extra p-day and we get to watch a movie!  Last year it was How to Train your Dragon. So, we went up to this stake center that is on a hill and played volleyball and we could see the fireworks from there too. But they have placed super strict bans on fireworks here so it was kind of lame.
This Wednesday I got a "mini-missionary" which is when someone who is preparing for a mission spends like 3 or 4 days with a companionship. Sometimes we'd look around and he was gone.  Nice guy, but we dropped him off yesterday.
This church is true, and I know that it blesses families and us individually.
That is all for now.
Elder Reinhold #3 :P

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